Network for the European Private Sector in Tourism

Tourism is one of the major r of employment generation and business growth in Europe. NET supports all legislative and non-legislative initiatives that have a positive impact on tourism, promotes a sustainable visitor economy and guarantees a competitive and viable business environment.

See NET position paper on priority actions for EU tourism


Some of the issues dealt with (list non exhaustive): 


Digitalisation is a cross-cutting phenomenon that affects all parts of the industry.
What is needed are properly functioning rules on online market search, transparency of prices and reviews, use and ownership of customer data and access to digital products and services. 

Read more on NET's principles and recommendations for the digital market



The vast majority of the European tourism industry is not in favour of developing European or international standards for their activities. Standardisation is a field which is followed rather passively by the sector, as there are little initiatives coming from the sector itself in this field.

For more background and a detailed overview on the tourism industry’s position on standardisation, please read the NET position on standardisation.


Travel and visa facilitation 

The biggest growth in tourist arrivals will in future come from non-EU countries. To harness this potential, Europe needs a smart visa and border management policy. 

Read more on NET's position on 



Taxation at local, national, and EU level, has a direct impact on consumer prices and therefore, the competitiveness of Europe vis-à-vis other regions. Europe needs more coordinated action on a smart and fair taxation of tourism in Europe.

NET supports HOTREC's VAT report.


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